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HikVision Security & Access Control

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With ever-changing light conditions to overcome, wide areas to cover, a thousand details to capture, bills to pay – you need advanced surveillance technologies, right now, that protect your perimeter and keep your business running smarter, day and night.

At Hikvision, we know what it means to always feel the urgency of security for your loved ones, for partners and clients, or for your business. With those concerns in mind, we continually research and develop leading technologies to roll out state-of-the-art products for you.

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Deep learning is a type of machine learning that trains a computer to perform human-like tasks, such as recognizing speech, classifying images, detecting objects, and even describing the content. A real-life example is virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana that are powered, in part, by deep learning. 

Instead of organizing data to run through predefined equations, deep learning sets up basic parameters about the data and trains the computer to learn on its own by recognizing patterns using layers of processing. Fast developments of algorithms, neural networks, human-machine interfaces and computing power are now taking deep learning applications to new heights.

Deep learning has swept through the security industry too, enabling a number of solutions to support enhanced site security and operational efficiency. The benefits of deep learning for attribute recognition and image classification make it enormously valuable in the field of security. It touches on every aspect of the security industry – from facial and vehicle detection to behaviour analysis.

low light imaging

Images and footage from your security system may easily lose colours and critical details and gain image noise in dim light. Hikvision offers cameras that see clearly in colour what others can only see in black and white, thanks to its innovative DarkFighterX and ColorVu technologies.

Hikvision has been leading the security industry in imaging for years. That tradition continues with our powerful new Hikvision ColorVu Technology. ColorVu Technology enables cameras to produce colourful videos even in extremely dimly lit environments. 

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high definition & stable imaging

Limited resolution and stuttered video may cripple the basic functionality of your security system, let alone hinder the accuracy of advanced video analytics. With Hikvision’s 4K and Smooth Streaming technologies, these will no longer be the bottleneck of your system.

4K, also called 4K resolution, refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. With up to four times higher resolution than standard HDTV 1080p resolution, 4K has not only been adopted by the television industry as a standard but is also becoming the new norm for video-based security systems, promising better image quality and richer detail.

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